Constantine Peter ‘C.P.’ Arnold, 2nd Wyoming Pioneer Association President

C.P. Arnold of Laramie was the second president of the Wyoming Pioneer Association, elected in 1928. Arnold is best known in the annals of Wyoming history as being the first president of the Wyoming Bar Association. Arnold was born in Ashtabula, Ohio on February 17, 1860.

C.P. and his wife Annie lived in a house designed by architect Walter E. Ware and built at 812 Grand Avenue in Laramie. The house and the Arnold’s story is highlighted at Socialites, the Arnolds were very active in their community. Each winter they held the well-attended “winter party” at their ranch on the outskirts of Laramie.

Arnold’s sons, according to, followed their father into the law and also had successful careers. Carl served as dean of the University of Wyoming Law School in the years prior to his death in 1941. Thurman was mayor of Laramie from 1923-1924, and practiced law in Laramie until 1927, when he accepted a position as Dean of Law at West Virginia University. He also served as Assistant Attorney General of the United States from 1938 to 1943, under President Franklin Roosevelt’s administration.

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